Happy Anniversary!



Happy anniversary, Darebear. Thanks for giving me so many reasons to smile, each and every day.

Nugget Diaries: A Pawesome First Birthday


Hello Internet Family!

This week, I celebrated my first birthday! So much has happened since I went home with my Mommy and Daddy. I grew a lot and now weigh over 20 pounds. My parents take me to a place called Zoom Room where they teach me puppy manners. Mommy and Daddy say I need to work on my recall. Sometimes when they call my name, I ignore them just to see how long they will call my name for- teehee! I also take fun agility classes where I run up ramps, through tunnels, and over various obstacles. Mommy and Daddy also take me to the dog park, where I get to romp around with lots of other furry friends. Big dogs are my favorite! Mommy and Daddy give me lots of rules, but they say it’s for my own good and feed me treats when I behave, so it’s not too bad. Mommy says I make her heart go pitter-patter. I think that means I’m cute!

On Saturday, my sisfur Nala came over to play, along with my friends Gizmo the teacup Yorkie and Coco the Daushund. We romped around at the dog park near my house and then had a slice of birthday cake! I received so many cool things this week! Mommy and Daddy got me a new bow tie and harness, along with a few toys. They also gave me a doggy donut, but then they took it away because they said it made me gassy. I think that means I farted. OOPS! Anyway, I’m so happy that I’m a big boy now. Mommy and Daddy said it takes a lot of work to raise a puppy (they’ll write a blog post about everything you need to know, they said), so maybe now that I am one year old, I won’t be as much work for them!

I hope you have a pawesome week! Eat lots of treats and peanut butter for me!



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Travel Notes: Aruba


Darren and I recently had the opportunity to spend a relaxing four days in Aruba. We didn’t explore much while we were there, but have a few notes on our stay that may be of use for those of you contemplating a trip there.


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Weekend Snapshots, LA Edition

Howdy friends! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve been in Los Angeles for the past week or so eating up a storm (what else would I be doing?). The actual reason I’m over here is because my brother, who is back from his semester in Shanghai, got an internship over here. LA is pretty non-public transportation friendly, so my dad and I flew out here to go car shopping. Fun stuff, I tell ya. At any rate, we were able to squeeze in some gastronomical adventures and shenanigans of the random variety. So without further ado:

darwindiscovered_losangeles01 darwindiscovered_losangeles02
My brother introduced me to a chain called the Veggie Grill. If anything could convince me to turn vegetarian/vegan, it would be this chain. // Half & Half, what is it about your boba and pudding that makes me weak in the knees?
darwindiscovered_losangeles03 darwindiscovered_losangeles04
I’ve heard from multiple people that the Korean food in K-Town is better than Korea due to the availability of fresh ingredients. After spending a few days in Seoul this past winter, I’m inclined to agree. The panchan at Beverly Soon Tofu was delish. // Spotted a bunch of cute terrariums at the Grove that make my terrarium look deplorable. It doesn’t help that Nugget has eaten 2 of the 3 plants in mine =\
darwindiscovered_losangeles05 darwindiscovered_losangeles06
Bought some Venezuelan chocolate at the Grove’s farmers market to bring back to Darren. And a bar of fudge for me. // Took our dad hiking at Runyon Canyon. We took the easy path and had our dad huffing and puffing in no time.
darwindiscovered_losangeles07 darwindiscovered_losangeles08
Spent a quiet day at Hermosa Beach // Viet food at Saigon Dish – my dad’s find. Tasted allllmost like mommy’s.
darwindiscovered_losangeles09 darwindiscovered_losangeles10
Dim sum at King Hua in Monterey Park. I have never seen har gow and shiu mai this large.
darwindiscovered_losangeles11 darwindiscovered_losangeles12
More food from King Hua. As delicious as this was, I am pretty certain they put MSG in their dishes. About 30 minutes after we left, I was dragged into an MSG-induced coma. Doh.
darwindiscovered_losangeles13 darwindiscovered_losangeles15Explored Arlington Garden near old-town Pasadena. This quite sanctuary would be a perfect place for a picnic. I was enamored with all the succulents that sprouted around the grounds. // Not just Hi-Chew. Individually wrapped Hi-Chew. Once again, Daiso wins my heart.
darwindiscovered_losangeles16 darwindiscovered_losangeles17
The bistro that we stayed at (Courtyard El Segundo by LAX) served up the cutest oatmeal . I took notes for any future guest stays at the Darwin residents. // Ramen. There is so much ramen in LA. This bowl is from Hakata in Little Osaka. I loved that the restaurant allows you to specify the hardness of your noodles (I prefer mine on the al dente side).

In case you didn’t see our previous post, our e-sesh is on the Washingtonian. Check them bad boys out. 

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