We got married! (And are in King’s Landing)

Howdy, friends! If you follow us on Facebook you know that earlier today we posted a photo from Dubrovnik, Croatia, aka King’s Landing, Westeros from Game of Thrones. Anyway, the reason we are here (you know, besides the fact that Croatia is a beautiful country and we like to travel and all that fun stuff) is because we are on our honeymoon! Yup. Darren and I tied the knot last Saturday. Lots of info to share on Croatia and photos from our wedding later,  but in the meantime, you can follow along our adventures on Instagram @winnie_dora and @thedarebear. Montenegro tomorrow! I’ll just leave you with our same day edit by the amazingly talented Ryan Geldermann.


Weekend Snapshots, Orlando and Harry Potter World Bachelorette Edition

This past weekend I spent time in Orlando, Florida for my bachelorette party with 7 of my bestest friends. Being the nerdy granny that I am, I knew that an all-night rager in Vegas, Miami, or one of the other usual suspects was probably not in store for me. Enter Harry Potter world at Universal Studios…dreams really do come true, guys and gals. I’ve got a few thoughts and tips to share if you intend on making Orlando/Universal Studios your bachelorette party destination, but first, a few snapshots.

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1. We stayed at the Cabana Bay Beach Resort, one of the four onsite hotels that allow you to access early admission into Universal Studios. The resort had a cute 50s retro theme and include multiple pools, including a lazy river that you could float around in.

2. We all received Harry Potter style glasses as part of our favors.

3. Also included in our goodie bags were temporary tattoos that read “I belong to Winnie’s bachelorette party. If found, please buy me a butterbeer!”

4. And t-shirts/tanks that read “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” Adorbs.

5. The Hogwarts castle where the Forbidden Journey ride takes place. With early admission, we only waited 30 minutes for the ride. I was blown away at the extent of the details inside the park, from the holograms, to the talking pictures, to the random knick knacks found in the books and movies.

6. Likewise, the village of Hogsmeade was chockful of details, including the faux snow on the rooftops.

7. Inside of Honeydukes, enough candy to satisfy even the most sugar-fiending signficant other (*cough Darren*)

8. Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes also had a lot of sweets to the tune of “U-No-Poo”, “Puking Pastilles” and other treats as found in the book.

9. Tried my first [frozen] butterbeer and butterbeer ice cream. It tasted like a combination of butterscotch and cream soda and was delicious…for the first ten sips. I recommend sharing with a friend, as I found it to be quite sugary.

10. We ate at the Leaky Cauldron for lunch, which features English cuisine. I had 2 mini-pies which included fisherman’s pie and cottage pie.

11. The architecture and decor inside of Gringotts bank for the Escape from Gringotts ride was absolutely breathtaking. Our whole group literally exclaimed, “WOW” when we caught a glimpse of the main room when making our way in. Unfortunately most of us left our cameras in the locker, so this is the only evidence I have. The ride was also my favorite.

12. Hagrid’s motorcycle and side car. The park(s) were full of details like this that made for ideal photo opportunities.


Europe is on sale for American travelers


Dear Friends,

Happy 2015! Things have been pretty quiet on the blog as Darren and I come into the final few months of wedding planning. We have some pretty exciting travels lined up for 2015 (Croatia, Montenegro, Malta, and Iceland), and this article I came across on CNN today really affirmed for us that 2015 is our year to explore Europe!

For those located in the DMV, we hopped onto  WOW Air’s $99 Baltimore- Rekjavik promotion. Iceland is only 5 hours away, so it’s a great long weekend getaway if you’ve only got a few days of vacation to spare. We’re not heading out there until late September, but we have plenty of adventures lined up that you can read about in the meantime!

We’re currently browsing around for one or two more European locations to visit over the summer, and we can’t wait to share where we decide to go once we decide. What are your 2015 travel plans?

london parisSource: Wikimedia Commons


Happy Anniversary!



Happy anniversary, Darebear. Thanks for giving me so many reasons to smile, each and every day.

Nugget Diaries: A Pawesome First Birthday


Hello Internet Family!

This week, I celebrated my first birthday! So much has happened since I went home with my Mommy and Daddy. I grew a lot and now weigh over 20 pounds. My parents take me to a place called Zoom Room where they teach me puppy manners. Mommy and Daddy say I need to work on my recall. Sometimes when they call my name, I ignore them just to see how long they will call my name for- teehee! I also take fun agility classes where I run up ramps, through tunnels, and over various obstacles. Mommy and Daddy also take me to the dog park, where I get to romp around with lots of other furry friends. Big dogs are my favorite! Mommy and Daddy give me lots of rules, but they say it’s for my own good and feed me treats when I behave, so it’s not too bad. Mommy says I make her heart go pitter-patter. I think that means I’m cute!

On Saturday, my sisfur Nala came over to play, along with my friends Gizmo the teacup Yorkie and Coco the Daushund. We romped around at the dog park near my house and then had a slice of birthday cake! I received so many cool things this week! Mommy and Daddy got me a new bow tie and harness, along with a few toys. They also gave me a doggy donut, but then they took it away because they said it made me gassy. I think that means I farted. OOPS! Anyway, I’m so happy that I’m a big boy now. Mommy and Daddy said it takes a lot of work to raise a puppy (they’ll write a blog post about everything you need to know, they said), so maybe now that I am one year old, I won’t be as much work for them!

I hope you have a pawesome week! Eat lots of treats and peanut butter for me!



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Travel Notes: Aruba


Darren and I recently had the opportunity to spend a relaxing four days in Aruba. We didn’t explore much while we were there, but have a few notes on our stay that may be of use for those of you contemplating a trip there.


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