Hi friends! Over the weekend, this happened…


…and I said yes! Here’s how it went down.


On Friday evening, Darren and I were supposed to meet our friend Steve for dinner in Cleveland Park. Steve was running late, so D suggested we walk around the zoo for a little bit. Our first “date” date was at the zoo a little over two years ago, so we walked around reminiscing about it. The only picture we have from our first date is of me doing this:


We were walking around rubbing our butts on random objects (I think we read on a placard somewhere that animals mark their scents this way. Or perhaps we were just destined to be weird together…and no, I don’t know who that little girl is.) After an unsuccessful attempt to see the new baby panda, we encountered the same sculpture again. As I began babbling about re-taking a photo of us rubbing butts with the eagle, Darren gently pulled me aside and asked me to be his travel buddy for life. I cried, laughed, said yes, and we took some time to relish the moment. Then, Darren pointed out two people on opposite corners of the eagle sculpture. Little did I know that Steve and another friend had come to the zoo earlier to camp out and were there the entire time, capturing the proposal on camera! I’m ever so grateful that we’ll have photos of this memory to last forever.




Afterwards, we walked around the zoo a little more, grabbing a few shots here and there. D and I grabbed dinner at New Heights in Woodley Park (which is delicious, by the way), and then drove to Redwood in downtown Bethesda, where he had one more surprise waiting. Earlier in the week, D had called our closest friends to let them know what was happening- and there they were, waiting to celebrate with us! We spent the remainder of the evening popping bubbly, surrounded with love and laughter. It was a perfect day.



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