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  1. Why reading one book a week won’t make you successful. This might explain why I suddenly hear people referring to their book clubs, book podcasts, book subscription deliveries, and so forth…and it makes me sad. One of my happiest memories growing up was coming home from the library with a huge bag of books, and subsequently devouring those within a matter of days. I’ve always loved reading, but it was and always has been for the joy of forgetting reality for a few (or more!) hours. Darren jokes that once I start a book, I’m a lost cause because I get so engrossed in it. But to equate it with success or some metric of achievement certainly would take away the pleasure for me. PS: my favorite way of ensuring an unlimited supply of books is now via Kindle Unlimited. I usually download 5-6 titles before we travel anywhere and will work my way through them on vacation.
  2. Earlier today I came across a novel idea shared on Cupcakes and Cashmere: give 97% instead of 100% My instinctive reaction was a knee-jerk, “what’s the point of doing anything if you’re not giving it your all?” Cue another article encountered on my early morning scroll: My brain never stops. I’m constantly on hyper-alert about the things I should be doing – but just can’t bring myself to do.” Whether you believe it or not, millennial burnout is real, and my body hurts from it. While I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to 97% (must do ALL of the things!), I’m certainly going to be mindful of this in the next few months as I launch into wedding season. 
  3. I switched to a prescription retinol recently, and my skin decided to flip me the middle finger as part of the purge process. Verdict’s out on whether I’ll continue use, but if I stop, I’ll probably go back to The Ordinary’s version with squalene- it was much gentler (no peeling nose either).
  4. 10 Home Renovators You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now. Originally spotted this article on Chris Loves Julia, one of my all time favorite home bloggers. We’re almost finished the main spaces of our home, but the master bathroom renovation looms large. We probably won’t do anything this year, but I’ll use the time to continue amassing inspiration!
  5. We booked a safari in Kenya & Tanzania for later this summer. I’m beyond excited to finally make our way to Africa! Of course one of the first things I considered was, “what the heck do I wear on safari!?” After momentarily dreaming about safari chic outfits (thank you fashion bloggers of Pinterest), I snapped back to reality and determined quickly that I’ll likely spend the entire trip in athletic/athleisure wear. I’m very much against purchasing clothes that don’t serve more than one purpose (hello safari shirt and lace up leather boots), but workout clothes are always a good investment for me due to my lazy, sloth-like tendencies. Spotted these for $4 which will be a God-send for early morning layering.


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